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Building a Better

Bond Counsel & Special Counsel for California Public Agencies

Why Work with Weist Law?

Comprehensive Approach

We understand the full scope of available sources we bring to bear for each agency we work with. Our team stays up to date with loans, grants, tax credits, and applicable laws leveraging our knowledge for your benefit. 

Innovative Solutions

Our team has pioneered creative legal strategies for financing projects of all sizes. Most members of our team are both attorneys and registered municipal advisors available to provide in-depth legal and financial guidance for your projects.

Client Centric 

We constantly strive to deeply understand our clients' specific needs and goals to provide custom legal and financial strategies for long-lasting financial success. Staying involved, acting as an extension of your staff.

About Weist Law


We aim to empower public agencies to think outside the box, spend public funds wisely, and create intergenerational equity.

As public agencies are working hard to protect and serve their communities, we work hard to protect your finances. Weist Law is a full service public finance law firm with decades of experience counseling public agencies on cost-efficient, effective financing strategies and structures.


Expand your knowledge toolkit by reading our white papers, case studies, and informational articles. 

Our Programs

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Business Meeting

"The Weist Law Firm made our process smooth and seamless. They are a top notch organization and we highly recommend them."

- Will Clemens, General Manager, Oceano Community Services District

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