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The Weist Law Firm acts as bond counsel in a wide variety of financing transactions. As bond counsel, we either draft or review all necessary resolutions, documents and legal opinions required to structure, issue and sell the municipal bonds undertaken by our clients. We provide the appropriate legal, tax and disclosure advice and act as a liaison between the issuer, financial advisor, underwriter, trustee, and investor.

Taking a Leadership Role in Public Financings

Bond counsel must possess the leadership skills and other intangible qualities necessary to make sure that each member of the bond financing team knows exactly what is expected, how it is expected to be done, and the timeframe in which each member is expected to perform. Some of the specific tasks and duties of a bond counsel are to:


  • Develop the structural framework of the bond transaction

  • Attend all city council meetings, board meetings, staff and public meetings

  • Responds to queries from financial advisors, developers, ratepayers and the like

  • Obtain all government and regulatory approvals

  • Verify that all legal requirements of a bond offering are met by the issuer

  • Identify and cause the disclosure all the material legal proceedings and other similar eventualities that may affect the offering

  • Interpret the laws and regulations regarding taxes, fees, assessments, rate increases, liens and other such matter affecting the revenue sources securing the municipal transaction

  • Draft all notices, resolutions, ordinances, certifications, contracts and other such financing documents

  • Arrange for and manage the bond closing, including the flow of all funds

  • Issue a validity and tax opinion, substantiating that a bond issue is valid and either tax exempt or taxable for federal and/or state purposes

  • Prepare a closing transcript of proceedings to document the transaction

Experienced, Accomplished and Dedicated

Providing representation in the area of public finance and securities law for over three decades, The Weist Law Firm provides clients with effective legal services that ensure that their transactions conclude smoothly. Our firm has an enviable track record of shepherding trouble-free bond offerings to the market. We are also known for providing follow-up counsel and advice after the offering has been made public. We believe that our role as bond counsel is not concluded simply because the formal transaction has been finished--we remain available as a resource to help ensure post issuance success as well.

Legal Opinions that are Widely Accepted

The legal opinions issued by our firm are accepted throughout the country by requisite underwriters, banks, investors and lawyers. We are renowned for diligently researching and reviewing every aspect of a public finance transaction meticulously, preemptively avoiding problems for clients, underwriters and investors. We work closely with government staff and elected officials to ensure the success of each public financing project we undertake.

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