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SRF, EPA and USDA Financings

Our team at Weist Law has 30+ years of experience working with USDA, SRF, EPA and the capital markets to bring our clients a full-service compliance group that navigates the entire USDA, EPA and/or SRF financing process.

USDA, for example, now requires that all projects must utilize interim bridge loan financing to construct the project. Once the project is complete USDA provides the long-term take out financing--typically 40-years at very low fixed rates.

USDA also often provides free grant moneys which are used as part of the take-out financing package to complete the construction project once the bridge loan dollars have been fully spent.

Weist Law has successfully navigated dozens of USDA, EPA and SRF financings for our clients. We often lead group discussions between USDA, EPA and SRF to orchestrate a multi-track coordinated financing effort utilizing funds from all agencies to complete a single project.

If a bridge loan is required, our team undertakes a competitive process to solicit and procure a bridge loan lender at the lowest interest rate and best possible terms. Our firm then provides all resolutions, staff reports and documentation required to close the bridge loan with the carefully selected lender. Because of our deep experience in these matters, we know how how to structure the bridge loan in a way that works for USDA, EPA and SRF, thereby avoiding costly delays and mistakes that can set projects back by years.

We actively monitor the construction process and seamlessly execute the take-out financing at the conclusion of construction.

If you are interested in learning more about how we could assist your agency, please feel free to schedule a free consultation with our team by clicking here.


The foregoing has been prepared for the general information of clients and friends of the firm. It is not meant to provide legal advice with respect to any specific matter and should not be acted upon without professional counsel. If you have any questions or require any further information regarding these or other related matters, please contact a designated Weist Law representative. This material may be considered advertising under certain rules of professional conduct.

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