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In addition to our work with government agencies and municipalities, The Weist Law Firm provides counsel to banking institutions and corporate trust departments who act as investors, lenders, trustees, paying agent, marketing agent, tender agent, dissemination agent and escrow agent in public securities offerings. In this capacity, we undertake due diligence reviews, draft appropriate revisions to documents such as loan agreements and indentures and protect our client's interests throughout the transaction.


We have decades of experience with public finance and securities matters, and we use that experience to answer questions, early identify potential problems and compliance issues and generally ensure that each transaction proceeds smoothly.

Duties of Special Counsel

Some duties of special counsel to government agencies include, but are not limited to: 

  • General legal counseling for various matters related to the use, spending, and application of public funds for public benefitprojects

  • Assistance in applying for and obtaining federal/state funding in the form of grants and loans

  • Comprehensive funding plans for complex borrowing and financing structures

  • Letters of representation and legal opinions

Protecting Our Client through Experience and Effective Communication

In all these matters, we ensure that our client's position is secure and that their financial and legal interests are upheld. We use our vast experience to ask and answer questions, identify potential problems and compliance issues, and generally ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly. This is possible in part because of our long-standing relationships with various other parties to public finance transactions.

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