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Case Study: Lake Valley Fire Protection District - UAL Refinancing

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

In January 2021, The Weist Law Firm (Weist Law) served as sole bond counsel for the Lake Valley Fire Protection District’s issuance of $10,952,522 Series 2021 Taxable Revenue Obligations (CalPERS UAL Prepayment Project), issued to refinance the District’s outstanding unfunded accrued liability (UAL) associated with their CalPERS “classic” pension plans.


Weist Law, as Bond Counsel, along with California Municipal Advisors LLC (CalMuni Advisors), as Municipal Advisor, started working with the Lake Valley Fire Protection District back in July 2020 to provide in-depth analysis of the District’s pension plans and the various mitigation strategies for each of the plans. The comprehensive study sessions evolved into discussion of refinancing (the “Refinancing”) of outstanding UAL as one of the mitigation strategies to reverse the trend of escalating year-over-year payments being made to CalPERS.

Due to accumulation of amortizing UAL bases over the years, the District was facing steeply increasing UAL cost curves, with the UAL Payments approximately doubling from FY 2020 to FY 2032-33. The following graph depicts the before and after effect of the Refinancing.


The transaction resulted in total cash flow savings to the District of $4,255,811 and as importantly, reshaped escalating payments to level debt service payments over the 20-year term of the 2021 Obligations.

Weist Law was honored to serve the District with its financing needs and will have the opportunity to celebrate the much-needed relief when the District receives its new CalPERS Valuation Report.

For a downloadable version of this Case Study, click here. If you are interested in learning more about this, or any other transaction completed by Weist Law, contact us at


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